Reclaimed Wood | Salvaged Wood

Old barns and other aging wood buildings are a great source for naturally aged wood beams and boards. We currently have planks up to 12" wide. We source them from people who often need to get rid of them for safety or insurance purposes.

We salvage deadwood from forests on private land. We collect the logs of fallen dead trees. Saving this fine wood from rotting back into the ground, or worse, feeding a wild fire is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint.

We check and treat the wood for moisture and insects. Then, we make something new from the wood for you, giving it a second life. This wood is great for projects requiring natural, aged, distressed or vintage looks. We can make display bases, sign backgrounds/ substrates, dimensional letters or build any items you specify. We can pack and ship to you or install.

Call for a quote: 212-244-4610

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Distressed, naturally aged wood in NYC

We have recently taken down a barn in Indiana and have a fresh supply of wood available. We are selling some of this lot to Whole Foods Market. We are also produced substrates for the French artist JR. We operate two New York City locations where our staff gives each job careful attention. Same day service and on-site installation is available. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work that will last for years, but we are ready to work with your schedule.